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We will visit your home or business, offer input based on your wants and needs, then provide you with a quote with our professional recommendations. The quote is broken down area by area and item by item so you will have a complete understanding of what we are recommending as the best fit for you.



Some Clients already have their own products and just need our help installing, programming, and teaching them how to use them. Most of our clients are coming to us for our experience and expertise in knowing what works well together and what can be problematic and prefer that we sell and install what will be the best fit for them.


We are a long way from the original picture tube TVs with 13 broadcast channels and VCRs with the blinking clock each time power goes out and the fax machine for the business. Today’s technology offers so much over the past in quality, sound, and performance, it’s not all about technology, software, updates, and handshakes. As we install, hook up, configure, and program the products for your home or business it is with years of experience in learning what works well and what does not.


Clients tell us their stories when coming from chain stores, box stores, and internet shopping. No support when they have issues with their product, or they have to call and spend hours on the phone with someone sometimes halfway around the world. When you hire Creative Stereo you are building a relationship, so when your internet goes down, your TV has sound and no picture, your streaming is not loading, or any other number of things that happen with technology you now have a local phone number and local support to text, email or call and get help on the products we have installed for you.

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